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Slimline Drawer Insert for M12 Fuel Multi Tool

This custom insert was designed to fit the 2-drawer or 3-drawer packout (48-22-8443 & 48-22-8442) and hold the Milwaukee M12 Fuel Multi Tool (model 2526-20).  This insert comes with a fully removable upper layer to hold the multi tool, battery, and misc blades, along with a lower level with 3 compartments for additional storage.

This is the ultimate modular storage solution for your Packout Drawers!  It takes up 1/3 width and can be combined with other "slimline" drawer inserts.  Select whether this insert is on the right, middle, or left side of the drawer.  This storage solution was designed by Jonah Pope.

*Packout, tool, and other accessories sold separately.  This is for the 3d printed insert only.